Due to needed roof-work, the building will be closed to the public for the next few weeks.  We will be offering curbside service until the project is finished.  If you wish to request items and schedule a pickup time, please call us at 885-3108.

Electronic Device Loan Policy

Springfield Town Library provides materials in printed, audio, video, and electronic format to promote the discovery of ideas and the joy of reading for community members of all ages. To help provide equal access to electronic materials, the Library has electronic devices that may be borrowed in accordance with this Policy.


Electronic devices may be borrowed by Springfield Town Library patrons in good standing and 18 years of age or older. Borrowers will sign an Electronic Device Borrower’s Agreement, (need to make a generic Electronic Device Borrower’s Agreement & checklist) provide photo identification and credit card information and receive training from Library staff before borrowing an electronic device for the first time.


Borrowers will inspect the electronic device with Library Staff and sign a checklist indicating the E-Reader electronic device and all associated items are in good working order. The borrower assumes full financial responsibility for a lost, stolen or damaged electronic device and any of the associated items signed out with it. Any problems with the device should be reported immediately to the Library staff.

The Library will not be responsible under any circumstances for any liability, damages, or expenses resulting from the use or misuse of the electronic device, connection of the device to other electronic devices, or the loss of data, personal, financial, or credit card information while using a Library electronic device.


The Library has downloaded a selection of E-books, apps, and music on each electronic device. Borrowers may access any of these pre-loaded titles but may not delete any of them. Borrowers t may not download titles from any source. Suggestions for additional e-book titles are encouraged; they may be downloaded by Library staff only, with authorization from the Library Director.

Borrowers may NOT change the electronic device registration. Any use of the electronic device for illegal purposes, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, or transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials is strictly prohibited.


electronic device are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If available, a device may be held for pick-up by an eligible borrower that day. Electronic devices are loaned for 14 days, with one renewal if there are no holds and a 7 day waiting period before borrowing another electronic device Electronic devices may also be used in the Library, for two hours per day, by eligible borrowers who must leave a photo identification and Library card


Electronic devices must be returned in person directly to Library staff at the Public Service Desk no later than 30 minutes prior to closing on the date due. They may NOT be left at the desk if unattended and may NOT be placed in the Book Return. Borrowers will remain present while staff checks the electronic device to ensure all equipment is returned in good working order.


An overdue fine will be assessed at a rate of $5.00 per day, up to the replacement value of the electronic device. Electronic devices placed in the Book Return will incur an additional fee of $25.00.   Borrowers will be charged the replacement value for any missing or damaged parts. Failure to abide by the terms of this policy may result in the loss of electronic device borrowing privileges and a fine up to the value of lost, damaged or deleted materials. Fees in excess of $25.00 may be charged against the borrower’s credit card.

Adopted 1/13/14