Protect your privacy!

Springfield Town Library protects the privacy of its patrons, in keeping with our policies and Vermont law (see our Privacy Policy...). Here are some tips to further protect your privacy at the Library.

Remember to log out when using public computers to access your library account or other personal accounts, such as e-mail or online purchases.

Protect your library card number. It’s your access number for many online library services, including databases, downloadable media, public access computers, and administrative features for your borrower account.

Decide whether or not to keep your reading history. By default, new library cards since July 2013 have reading history enabled: our system saves your history under my reading history in your account. Many people love this feature; others prefer not to leave any record of their reading history. To opt in or out of the reading history, log in to your account and click on my privacy. To opt out, choose “Never.”

Note: The “my fines” section keeps a list of your fines, and you can’t opt out. But the Library doesn’t make that info public.

Also, see our privacy policy....



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